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Prize Details

Owlet Baby Monitor and Starling Education Wearable

Owlet Baby Monitor and Starling by VersaMe

This prize package includes two items:

The Owlet Baby Monitor is a unique device that leverages pulse oximetry, the same technology used in hospitals, miniaturized into a baby sock to alert parents if their baby's oxygen levels and heart rate are out of range and they are having difficulty breathing. With the Owlet Baby Monitor, vitals readings from the Smart Sock are relayed to the base station and then to parents via a simple smartphone application, enabling them to check in on their baby from across the hall, or even remotely while they are away from home. While the Owlet Monitor collects sophisticated data, the sole purpose of the device is to alert parents if their baby is not breathing or if the baby's heart rate is out of range -- giving parents one less thing to worry about.


Starling Education Wearable by VersaMe

Over 30 years of scientific research has shown that the more words spoken to a child between birth and 4 years, the more likely they are to reach their potential. The Starling counts your words (without recording) so you always know you’re saying enough.

  • Help your baby to say their first words faster
  • Create a deeper bond with your baby
  • Achieve a lifetime of educational advantages

Just 3 Simple Steps to a Smarter Baby

  • Use the silicone clip to attach the Starling to your child’s shirt, jacket or pants.
  • Simply talk to your baby. Without recording, the Starling counts your words.
  • Starling gives you your word count, along with tips and activities to keep you talking.

About the Sponsor

Owlet Baby Care, Inc.

Owlet Baby Care, Inc. was founded in 2013 by a team of passionate parents who wanted to bring themselves -- and other parents around the globe -- peace of mind and assurance by developing a monitor, the Owlet Baby Monitor, that tracks a baby's breathing and heart rate.

Let Us Tell You A Story

Once upon a time, brothers Jon and Chris met Nicki as Sloan Fellows at Stanford University. They decided to research how technology could improve education. The trio started with adults, but kept saying “This would be so much easier if we had helped these people sooner in life.” So they looked at high school. Then grade school. Eventually they discovered Dr. Anne Fernald at Stanford’s Center for Infant Studies. She’s pretty amazing. Dr. Fernald wrote, “By the time children are two, there is a six-month disparity in the language-processing skills and vocabulary of the two groups [of children].” 

Babies learn language by hearing it. The more they hear, the faster their brains get. The trio thought, “No wonder schools can’t close the gap. 90% of a child’s brain growth happens before kindergarten.” They needed to help kids from birth… by helping parents talk more. They assembled a team of the best and brightest and created the Starling. It counts words in real-time to help parents talk more. Creating the Starling was just the beginning. Their awesome team works their butts off talking about baby talk. They dream about the day when millions of early talking babies grow up to change the world.

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